Urban Screens Conference Reports

 The Urban Screens conference which took place in Amsterdam on the 4th of December this year is the fourth in a series of events which has been organized around the theme of display screens (LED signs, plasma screens, projection boards, intelligent architectural surfaces, etc.) in urban spaces. It supports the idea of using public space as a platform for creation and cultural exchange, strengthening the local economy and encouraging public discussion. Since the first Urban Screens event in 2005 in Amsterdam, related international conferences have taken place in Manchester in 2007 and Melbourne in 2008. The series of events encourages the exploration of opportunities to employ the growing infrastructure of large digital displays in public space currently used mainly as a tool to influence consumer behavior through advertising, and expand them by displaying cultural and artistic content with the purpose of revitalizing public space, and generating public engagement and interaction.

During the event the first book dedicated to the urban screens theme, The Urban Screens Reader,  has been launched. The book can be downloaded for free as pdf from the Institute of Network Cultures’ website.

The postings in this category are articles which I contributed to The Urban Screens conference blog. The pictures included in the articles are by Sabine Niederer.

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